Single Port of Call

Deep Tek AS, Lankhorst Ropes and DSM Dyneema have combined their respective expertise to provide winch systems, as 'drop-in' cassettes.  These come complete with LankoDeep AHC™ rope, rope lifeTIME management™ system and Deep Tek Assurance Case.  

On-going services, including annual inspection, repair, re-termination and re-certification are also provided to maximise rope life and meet the in-service phase requirements of DNV-OS-E407.  



SOFT ROPE systems

110t in air/110t @ 3000 mwd

165t in air/165t @ 3000 mwd

SOFT ROPE systems are available for installation in new offshore/subsea cranes, and as retrofit.

275t in air/275t @ 3000 mwd

440t in air/440t @ 3000 mwd

825t in air/825t @ 3000 mwd 

SOFT ROPE systems are in development.